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Music Review Monday: Hail the Sun – Elephantitis EP


Hail the Sun – Elephantitis EP

So you are still lamenting the loss of the Fall of Troy after all of these years? Well first off, move along, they are never ever getting back together. You can thank Taylor Swift for that  little aside; where were we? Oh yes, and secondly fret not Hail the Sun is here with a similar (sort of) brand of feverish Post-Hardcore meets Math Rock , with a delicate spritzing of Post Rock inspired awesomeness.

Now , there is nothing as insulting to an artist than saying, “they are just like fill-in-the-blank.” So I won’t say that, instead I will say  that Hail The Sun is a band that is deserving of your attention because they offer the fun,unpredictable, spazzy, and often intricate musicianship that has been missing from the scene for so long. The Elephantitis EP  is well produced and a step in the right direction sonically for the band.

Elephantitis starts off with a bang and manages to hit all the right notes in terms of musical diversity. Hail the Sun balance the technical precision of Math Rock with the energy and experimentation of Post Hardcore ; while constantly reinventing each of the tracks in a way that would make the Mars Volta jealous. No, this is not the 2000’s styled Metalcore breakdown heavy, Post Hardcore that we have become accustomed to since the Rise  Records factory started  spitting out  generic bands of the week.

Hail the Sun crafted a spacey,spazzy,jazzy,heavy and fun  follow-up to their first full release: POW! Right in the Kisser! . The album literally does not miss a  beat, and happens to possess everything we look for when listening to good music: intricacy,fun ,good songwriting, high energy, and plenty of experimentation . Each of the five tracks varies in terms of sound ranging from the heavy metal inspired  Eight Ball, Coroner Pocket , to the  melodic and almost ambient  Dead Messages.

Call it a hunch , but I have no doubts that this quartet out of Chico,California will be making music for a long time as their fan base is only growing , and with shout outs from fellow audionauts A Lot Like Birds; there will be a lot of music lovers (or in my case snobs)  that are going to be begging for more Sunshine from an often dreary,gray, and flooded scene.

Overall  Score : 5/5

Stand out tracks: OW! (Splidao)[I like it, though], Dead Messages, Will they Blame Me if You Go Disappearing?

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2 comments on “Music Review Monday: Hail the Sun – Elephantitis EP

  1. Joe
    January 12, 2013

    Hail the Sun, I the Mighty, and A Lot Like Birds are the future.

    • J
      January 12, 2013

      Thanks for commenting Joe, but you should also check out Terra Alive those kids are really talented.

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