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What to listen to Wednesday: Stolas – Losing Wings

Stolas - Losing Wings EP

Stolas – Losing Wings EP

Welcome to What to listen to Wednesday!!  Each Wednesday I will be bringing you a new band or artist that i have discovered and that I feel is worth at least a  little of your time. So without further adieu I present to you: Stolas.

I’m a little late , but in my defense it’s a new blog ; I guess better late than never ,right? I’m going to take that deafening silence from my audience as either general indifference or their way of imposing some sort of guilt for being on the late freight  to New Musicville (that’s a place , google it). Wait, do I have an audience? Whatever, unanswerable questions aside Stolas is pretty awesome you should go listen to them now.

Their EP Losing Wings is definitely experimental and progressive in a  very true sense, and without having that overproduced slick sound that many of bands in these genres have a tendency to rely on, they also skip the impromptu jam sessions mid-song that are so prevalent amongst Progressive bands. There are some well played instrumental asides just don’t expect trumpet, horns, or clarinet solos .It’s gritty it’s a little harsh, but yet still manages to be melodic and complex in just the right places. The musicianship catches you off guard in the right places for instance the tail end of Our last Night on Earth captures the feeling of a cataclysmic event perfectly ; a somber quiet urgency that builds and  explodes until it cuts off abruptly.

So give this little Vegas quartet a second and they will turn it into hours of auditory escapism,you can thank me below (not like that pervs).

Favorites:  Our Last Night on Earth  , Thief & The Hour Glass….. Just go down load the EP all the songs are good besides its name your own price, just support the band!!

Bandcamp , Facebook

Note : I do take requests!!! So if you are in a band or you’d like me to consider a band for What to listen to Wednesday drop me a link in the comment section below. Or check out my contact section and drop me an e-mail with all the relevant info.


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