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What to Listen to Wednesday: Mute Speak

Mute speak 3

Gerard Sison aka Mute Speak

Alright kiddies, now for something a tad bit different. So a few years back when I first started writing; I was looking for some indie bands with unique sounds and on a whim I discovered a little band named Aria Novos. The rest would be history if this was about me, but it’s not so….Anyhoo, I write a review and do an interview with the band  and sadly a year or so later they disband. Low and behold April , 30 2012 I get a message from Gerard Sison, the former  lead singer, letting me know that he had a new project  entitled Mute Speak.

I asked him a bit about his process and how he creates music and he had this to say, ” I usually start off writing with a guitar and then make beats with ableton live to mix that electronic and organic sounds. Then I  layer on top of all that with atmospheric sounds, synth, and percussion. Finally,I write a vocal melody to it.” It’s a pretty involving process , but as you can hear it really pays off in the end as the music is truly a thing of beauty.

mute speak

Mute Speak – Closure EP

There is another aspect to Mute Speak as well,  and that is the incorporation of visual art into the whole experience. It gives Mute Speak that additional flair turning the whole thing  into an audio-visual affair, and in utilizing two distinct mediums Gerard makes the experience unique and somewhat interactive. “I’ve been working with a visual artist (Marcos Morales) from Argentina to create visual aspects to my music, as I believe visuals and sounds should complement each other to fully express the feelings I’m trying to convey” Gerard said.

 Mute Speak dropped two EPs in 2012  Closure and ll ,  and in 2013 he has even more planned. The sound will change  but only  slightly, Gerard had this to say about the changes, “My newer stuff is going to still be ambient-dream-pop kind of stuff ,but its going to be a little more upbeat and happier sounding for the most part. I’m also experimenting with some glitch styles as well.The new song should drop late spring this year!”

mute speak 2

Mute Speak – ll

So how does Mute Speak sound? Well, its shoegaze meets dream-fi, so the music is appropriately chill and ethereal.  Dreamy is an appropriate way to describe the music as it incorporates plenty of effects and distortions to create a tenuous atmosphere that flows together perfectly,as the listener drifts away in echos of melody. Adding to the sound are Gerard’s soft and haunting vocals. This is lo-fi at its best and the most commendable thing is, most if not all of what you hear is done by one person , Gerard.

Although it’s unfortunate Aria Novos disbanded I have a feeling that Mute Speak will go on to do even bigger and better things . Mute Speak is an appropriate name as the sounds you hear feel as though they have been filtered through something silent and meaningful, so don’t wait on my invitation go see for yourself and keep an ear out for Mute Speak.

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