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Music Review Monday: Welcome to Limerick – Composure. Composure.

Welcome to Limerick - Composure.Composure.

Welcome to Limerick – Composure.Composure.

Composure. Composure. The title of Welcome to Limerick’s  debut album  struck me, I kept on thinking, that’s an interesting little contradiction, especially from a vocal and lyrical standpoint. I mean that in the sense that , everything felt a bit chaotic, yet there was a striking mellowness to the album ; it was an interesting juxtaposition, sonically speaking of course.

On one hand Welcome to Limerick’s debut is a strong one that displays plenty of promise, especially from an instrumental standpoint. The drumming is well done, it’s tight, technical, and complementary to the other instruments. The guitars are  metal-ish and punk -ish at points, and shoegaze-y and atmospheric at others; quite often there is a slow progression towards a cathartic release, which is really great as you never get bored and wonder where a song is heading. The keys are subtle and add an additional rich texture to most of the songs. The clean vocals are very well done and Danny does a great job of sounding appropriately distant, haunting, and moody. Lyrically speaking, Welcome to Limerick paint vivid pictures of longing  and pain throughout much of the album. You could say that the songs on Composure . Composure. are appropriately melodramatic, poetic, and dark.

Each of the six songs brought something a little different to the table. You are thrust into a hopeless and urgent introduction in I FELL ASLEEP ONCE and you are led out with the appropriately frantic and heavy I HAVE A PRETENTIOUS INTENT TO MENTION THIS. There is literally something for everyone on here and my personal stand out track is definitely ON GOING AMBULANCE. The album and the songs are structured in such a way that you can’t help but appreciate the  attention paid to harmony and balance . What I mean by this is, have you noticed how some albums will just balance one side of an album with their best songs, while the other half is pretty generic and forgettable? Well, not here, in fact the whole album gives the listener a sense of cohesion and connectedness; in fact, I went from one end of the album to the other without break.

Now my gripes may seem major to some, but in reality they are minor, especially in the overall context of good vs bad. Here it goes, the scream-sing delivery is pretty standard in modern alternative rock (Math-rock,Mathcore,Post Hardcore,screamo, etc). However, very few bands do it well, and that list is as follows: Thrice, At the Drive in, Glassjaw, Pianos Become the Teeth, and Touche Amore are amongst the best, obviously there are more but for the sake of your time and eyes ,I won’t list them. With that said, the screamed vocals  seemed to waver. At times they were good and reminiscent of The Number Twelve looks Like You, and at other points they were weaker and a bit indecipherable. This is an aspect of the band that needs a little bit of work , especially if they are to continue utilizing the scream-sing dynamic. This is in no way meant to discourage in fact quite the contrary . The band has a good sense balance and recognizes you do not need to pummel the listener over the head with useless screaming , an art many modern bands have not quite yet mastered .

Welcome to Limerick’s debut is a strong one. A full range of emotions were on display here, and I’ll admit towards the end I teared up a little bit **sniffle** (just kidding). No, but in all seriousness the intention of this type of music is to challenge and ultimately strike a chord within the listener,  and to that end Welcome to Limerick does a great job. The bad things are minor and easily remedied ,plus the good things overshadow them anyway.Ultimately,this is heavy , challenging music with a heart, and for me, and  in the end  isn’t that what all music should be striving for?

Overall Score: 3/5


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One comment on “Music Review Monday: Welcome to Limerick – Composure. Composure.

  1. hafacenturyncounting
    January 14, 2013

    Even if one’s taste in music is different you make them want to explore to know first hand what you are talking about. Well done.

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