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What to Listen to Wednesday: Oranges-Monkey Business

Oranges - Monkey Business

Oranges – Monkey Business

Oranges’ EP , Monkey Business, is a mixed bag of Math-y awesomeness; they stand somewhere between Tera Melos, The Speed of Sound in Seawater, Botch, and the Dillinger Escape Plan. What you get with these guys are songs that display a staggering amount of technicality and energy, without sacrificing things like harmony and rhythm. Oranges address an issue I have with a lot of Math Rock and Mathcore bands, which is the tendency for the guitarist and the drummers to display how adept they are, and what you get is a song that is nigh unlistenable, and lacking that thing we look for in music: heart. But before I go on I feel like I have to say this even if it is rather obvious given the music that is already on the blog, but I love Math Rock and Mathcore even more so. They are among my favorite sub-genres of music however they are not without issues . So often  Math rock focuses too heavily on polyrhythms, odd time signatures , asymmetrical playing,  and angular riffs, that they forget to take into account that a person is supposed to listen to this and enjoy it. Not Oranges, there were points on the album that were jazzy and might I add soulful. The music was both warm and charming and dare I say the “A” word, accessible. Sorry fellow music snobs, mainstream music lovers and indie lovers will both find plenty to like off of this stellar EP. Monkey Business is unfortunately only five songs that go by way too quickly, but I figure  that the album could have  had 20 songs on it and I’d feel the same way,  so quality over quantity. Thematically the songs range from job dissatisfaction to strange historical anachronisms and fictional elections. It’s weird but you’re here so chances are you’ll like it.

Quirky and enigmatic, Monkey Business works well in so many ways, ways that I am not willing to get into because you should hear it for yourself. So fly my pretties, and go buy it!!

Similar Bands: Neur, Tera Melos, Botch, and The Dillinger Escape Plan

Favorites: Q*berto , I told You So ,  Jesus Took Me to Makeout Reef ,  and If Only You Were President

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