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What to Listen to Wednesday: The Blush of Dawn – The Blush of Dawn

The Blush of Dawn

The Blush of Dawn

The Blush of Dawn resides somewhere between Harvard and older Secret and Whisper , you have the stratospheric vocals coupled with fuzzy Post Rock inspired guitars riffs,  and textured walls of sound as far as the ear can hear.  However the emphasis here is more on the instrumentation as opposed to just letting the singer take the lead. Also, these guys do things a little different as far as structure goes, focusing less on intensity  and screaming,  and more on atmosphere and mood giving the listener’s ear drums something to sway to  for a while.

The Blush of Dawn’s self titled debut is definitely a memorable outing as each of the 11 songs meanders and chooses to follow it own path without any linear progression; without a caring if it ever reaches any sort of conclusion, hell with this type of music it’s the journey that counts and each track is less of a song and more of an expedition. Pick this album up if you really want to listen to something a bit on the mellow side that knows when to be  silent in the right places .

Who ever wrote this blurb about them hit the nail on the head,, Their penchant for entropy and disregard of orthodoxy is evident in their phantasmagoric debut release,” besides orthodoxy is for people over the age of 50 anyway . This is the perfect night drive album just put it in and let the music ride along with you as it plays aimlessly in the background.

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