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Music Review Monday: Animal Eyes – Found in the Forest

Animal Eyes -Found In The Forest

Animal Eyes -Found In The Forest

How about  something a little different this time? In looking back at the past few reviews, I began to notice a pattern- I hate patterns-I had made myself comfortable in my little Math Rock/Mathcore pocket. Luckily, I found something a little different and a tad outside my comfort zone, and I’m really happy that I did; by proxy you will be happy as well with this weeks review, hopefully. And lucky for me this isn’t your typical indie folk rock band that you have surely become accustomed to, and secretly have grown to hate. Okay hate is a strong word so disregard that last sentence, but you get the idea, so let’s get to the review.

With all the animal themed bands out there : The Sound of Animals Fighting, Animal Collective, Former Animals, New Animals and of course The Animals, it’s hard to really make people take notice of you if you have animal in your title… Ahem, so whether or not there is any truth in that last sentence remains to be seen, and the importance of a band’s name and it’s popularity probably has little or no correlation. I mean the Dave Matthews Band?? With a name like that who would think they’d be one of the most popular and well known bands in the world? At best it sounds like some weekend warrior’s attempt to stave off midlife crisis’ Rolling Stones cover band. Irrelevant aside noted and moving on, Animal Eyes crafted an excellent debut album that somehow made Folk Rock way more interesting , well, to me at least. It’s true I’m not a huge folk fan and primarily I blame it on lack of exposure, and its probably not from some weird aforementioned secret malice; I mean,I do love Good Old War, that counts right?

Review Time! What was it about this band that really hooked me ? Was it the crazy and liberal use of the accordion? Was it the shimmering laconic guitars residing within each hazy spring hued song? Perhaps it was the occasional blare of the trumpet? Who knows, maybe it was the cymbal heavy drumming. Whatever the case may be the relaxing and laid back vocals, which can shift from laconic to bluesy wailing in a matter seconds, and the dueling vocals add another layer of harmony on top of this collection of melody driven songs.A sense of freedom and the great outdoors felt like a motif that the guys were going for on this album, and they captured that essence really well, these truly feel like songs that are meant to be played around a campfire.

There is a playfulness to the music; not contented with just being another folk band these guys like to play around with their music, and at times seeming to drift into jam band territory, forgoing all genre trappings. As far as issues go the only glaring one is that towards the middle tracks 5-7 really didn’t hold my interest for different reasons, but things definitely pick back up for the final three songs. Found In The Forest is a nice change of pace for those who are looking for something a little different, but wish to spare there ear drums in the process. Animal Eyes crafted a fun spring-y, light debut and I can’t wait to see what they do with the next LP.

And check out Grizzly Bear it was released this past September.

Overall Score: 3.5/5

Standout Tracks: Leaves , Our Fields,Finally Sleep , Goat Chasing  , Sun Man

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