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What to Listen to Wednesday: Ancients-Star Showers on The Euphrates

Ancients-Star Showers on The Euphrates

Ancients-Star Showers on The Euphrates

Has anything ever  just made you say, damn? No explanations, no rationalization , just for some reason it resonates with you in a weird fatalistic way. Well, that is what Ancients did to me with their album  Star Showers on the Euphrates, the only thing that would have made it better is if it were free (I’m cheap). Now, I know a while back I said something about Post Rock being somewhat boring and overblown, well , I am a sarcastic ass who has listened to tons of music. Does that mean I dislike all Post Rock , negatory on that one cap’n, in fact its a great subgenre but it gets difficult for bands to distinguish themselves from one another when you don’t have a vocalist. So yes , many of the bands have a similar sound, which lead me to my hyperbolic low-blow. What can I say I can come off as jaded at times ,but hey, that’s probably one of the reasons you are reading this right now. Onward and downward as they say.

What was it about these sweet freakin tunes that made my admittedly hipster ears perk up? To be honest I was actually going to do my weekly write-up on another dope band named Pretend , and in error I clicked on what I thought was another one of their albums and as fate would have it , it wasn’t. Initially my illiteracy fueled mistake had me saying, ” Wow, Pretend really changed their sound… I wonder why?” all the while twirling my hair and laughing daintily. But a quick glance underneath the album title reminded me that I am in fact an idiot at times. The band’s name was Ancients and I was immediately turned into a fan. Star Showers on The Euphrates‘ title might be a bit on the overblown side, but don’t let that deter you. I mean, what could be more ick inducing than the punny emo title Melon Collie and The Infinite Sadness , and that was an amazing album.

So yeah I don’t like to throw this word around but to be blunt this album is f@&*!ng beautiful. Every song on here is like the soundtrack to a celestial event. The soaring vocals,the churning winding guitars , everything comes together in an unavoidably epic fashion. Each of the five songs facilitating a different mood and feel, while utilizing a similar aesthetic ; ultimately flowing into one another , not unlike how the river in it’s title flows into the Persian Gulf, thus creating a massive synergistic thing of beauty that can and should be listened to in one sitting. It’s safe to say I have a bit of a crush on this album but for good reason: it’s great. I like to think music works on different levels some music is designed for dancing, some for drugs,some for sex etc,. Then there is music that is meant for other worldly activities and I have to say Star Showers on the Euphrates may reside on a level higher than that.

Similar Bands: Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Slowdive, Frames

Favorites:Constellations, Cassiopeia

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2 comments on “What to Listen to Wednesday: Ancients-Star Showers on The Euphrates

  1. anemptycup
    January 30, 2013

    looking forward to the Pretend review as well.. and check out the rest of the bands on the Shelsmusic label 😉

    • J
      January 30, 2013

      I probably will after I get through the next few bands 8MM Sky and Scarlet 🙂

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