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Music Review Monday:These Colors-Chaxiraxi EP

These Colors - Chaxiraxi EP

These Colors – Chaxiraxi EP

There are really two types of  “good” albums, there are the kind that hit you immediately and it’s a love at first sight sort of deal. These are the albums that typically become our favorites  and have “classic” written all over them. Juturna and Scary Kids Scaring Kids would fit nicely into that category for me at least. The second type of album is the “grower”. Basically, on the first listen you may or may not completely dismiss  the album, but something kind of holds you from completely enjoying it on a subconscious level. I actually hated De-loused in the Comatorium and Between The Heart and The Synapse  at first, but over the years they have become some of my favorite albums. These Colors’  debut Chaxiraxi falls squarely into the latter category .

For some reason on the initial listen  it just didn’t jibe with my ears . But like any good reviewer I gave it another listen , because human beings are finicky little things that tend to make decisions based on feelings and emotions. There has to be a level of doubt removed from your mind where you are comfortable with your decision, because who knows, maybe the weather was shitty or my girlfriend may have said something to tick me off  the day I listened to this album (she didn’t because she’s awesome). You get the drift, it’s all about removing other variables from your decision making process . Anyhow let’s hop to it !

In an effort to end on a good note,  let’s start with the bad. Unfortunately, unless you are an Instrumental or Post Rock band your signature is your vocalist, and if he/she is not up to standard, then you stand a good chance of being either over looked or worse. With that said the vocals aren’t bad;  they just sort of manage to get drowned out beneath the instruments, phased  into obscurity so to speak. In essence,  the two should be working to create a musical balance, without one or the other dominating.

Sonically, the guys clearly draw most of their influence from Post-Hardcore and Math Rock,  comfortably nestling between the two genres and adding a unique soulful little twist to them. The lyrics vary, while they are well-written and delivered decent enough ,they can also be obtuse and cryptic. Odd lyrics have become  standard feature for many Alt-Rock bands these days, and hell maybe somethings work better when you interpret them and give them their own meaning, so overall I’d say the lyrics work fine within the context of the music.

Instrumentation is where These Colors  really shine (sounds like a laundry detergent ad). The guys clearly understand how to put a song together and they possess a level of restraint, which is refreshing. There is an element of silence and minimalism to Chaxiraxi especially on the track “Wax Poetic”. You should expect to hear tight stop star drumming and Metal inspired guitar licks with many a memorable riff throughout. The other thing that I found enjoyable was the attention to atmosphere the guitars are heavily distorted throughout giving each track a certain level of spaciness and a touch of psychedelia.

All in all there is plenty to laud and enjoy on Chaxiraxi . These Colors are a relatively young band ; having only been formed in 2011 and releasing their first EP in July of 2012, so on that measure the guys still have plenty of potential to do something groundbreaking . These Colors like any new band have places to improve, and once they fix a few things I have no doubts they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Overall Score: 2.75/5

Standout Tracks: De-Oriented , Wax Poetic

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