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What to Listen to Wednesday: 8mm Sky-Finders Keepers

8mm Sky - Finders Keepers

8mm Sky – Finders Keepers

The first thing that caught me about this awesome catchy little indie band was their country of origin. Hailing from Taiwan, Ah-Long, Zen and Pitt  (otherwise known as 8mm Sky)  really know what it takes to keep you listening. With their bright wavy shimmering  guitar lines, their steady  yet catchy drum beats and cool low key vocals, the songs on Finders Keepers are definitely summer playlist ready. As far as the overall sound goes it varies, some of the songs definitely give off that warmth such as “The Painter”, then there are other tracks like ” Her November Diary”, which feel a bit aimless and forlorn,  like the transition from fall to winter.

Even though there is quite a bit of variation, Finders Keepers maintains a pretty steady pace throughout; however, there is a considerable slow down toward the middle, specifically tracks five through eight. Don’t worry, as the album picks right back up at the end and the finale ” Rocket No. 7″ concludes the album on a more upbeat note.  What is also notable is the juxtaposition of indie and Post Rock  elements through out. Yes, quite a few of the tracks don’t contain any vocals at all so get ready for that.

To characterize 8mm Sky their sound is something like Explosions in the Sky meets Broken Social scene. That means the tracks are light and airy and at the same time there is still a dynamism to the music and that ability to shift into something even more moving and stirring. There is an immediate accessibility to the music chances are 70% of the people who listen to this album will find something to like about it. I will say this: it would be pretty rad to hear the songs in the singer’s native tongue. The fact that 8mm Sky sings  in English really speaks volumes on them wanting to have their music heard and I commend  them for that. So of course check 8mm Sky out and soon enough you’ll be humming the songs right along with them.

Similar Bands : Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire , Gaslight Anthem , and  Euphoria

Favorite Tracks : The Painter, Eli in T.V, Check the Other Side, Rocket No.7


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