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Music Review Monday: Bury Thy Kingdom – The Edge of the Sea

Bury Thy Kingdom - Edge of the Sea

Bury Thy Kingdom – Edge of the Sea

In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.
-Latin Proverb

Though it is my belief that we don’t live in a binary world, there are quite a few instances where there are  inherent good and bad sides to the things we do. With that said , I get to listen to a lot of awesome music and meet some pretty awesome people. The above statement does not always match up sometimes you meet some pretty awesome peeps, but the music is not quite what you were hoping for. Luckily for me the latter is only partially the case with my latest review, Bury Thy Kingdom’s Edge of the Sea .

Darkened Skies headlines the album ominously enough; an instrumental track, with some light guitar shredding and some interesting use of the keys, you can almost feel the clouds swirling and thunder roaring throughout its short run-time. The second track White Waves felt a bit standard; there were a few metalcore styled breakdowns, semi-automatic drumming etc., overall it was an okay song. Khan Artist is easily my favorite track on the album and really gives you an idea of what the band is capable of. On this track the guys sound like The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Human Abstract had a vicious metal love child. The track is dynamic and complex offering the listener plenty of unique sounds. Although Khan Artist is my favorite song on the album ; sonically speaking, Leviathan is the most interesting. There is a lot of interplay between the clean and screamed vocals on this track in particular; although most of the songs use this dynamic, it is used  most effectively on LeviathanEye of the Storm is the fifth song, but stands as a bit of an instrumental break between songs. The album closes on a heavy note with Mask the  Wonders ; a song which is sure to lead to many a swollen eye and perforated smiles, and Edge of the Sea the title track which is no less aggressive, but a tad on the “haven’t we heard this before?” side.

Overall, there were no glaring issues to speak of. The instrumentation was pretty solid. The drumming really  caught my attention as well as the guitars and the clean vocals,  which in my opinion are pretty fantastic . I wasn’t too fond of the screamed vocals, or rather the quality of the screamed vocals. They felt a bit flat, and at points it sounded more like the singer was talking in a monster voice as opposed to singing. The other problem is nit-picky, but I’ll state it anyway the guys are clearly a good band and have plenty of talent; explore your sound some more! What I’m saying is pick up Tree of Tongues  by Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, or The Digital Veil by The Human Abstract. Those albums are insane, complex, and in a word experimental. The guys in Bury Thy kingdom display all the hallmarks of a progressive metal band there just needs to be a tad bit more weirdness. Throw in a saxophone , a lute, maybe even a banjo solo; whatever, it doesn’t matter the instrument just throw an occasional curve-ball  here and there.

In the beginning I was expecting to be disappointed and guess what I came out pleasantly surprised. While Bury Thy Kingdom’s latest release isn’t something that I’d normally pick up I did enjoy a decent amount of the music on the album, and with some minor tweaks in the form of experimentation I think they can be a great band.

Overall Score :2.3/5

Standout Tracks: Khan Artist, Leviathan, Mask the Wonders

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**Final Note**The quote I used at the beginning couldn’t be more honest unless it had a film crew following It around as it shopped for a new party dress for its best friends baby shower.  Sorry I feel like reality is starting to bleed together again. The point is I’m trying to make would essentially making most things said by art music literature critics somewhat null and void; thus, making what I do somewhat obsolete. When I write about music I am not by any means an expert and the truth is neither are the glut of music critics out there on the internet . What I do is take what I hear and giving life to the emotions that it is either stirring, attempting to stir, or failing to stir within us the listener, nothing more nothing less. So even if I can’t identify a Gibson so and so  or tell you what drums the band is using based on the sound quality, I feel like an expert in experiencing music and giving my opinion on said music.  With that said whether I enjoy or don’t enjoy the music should not dictate to you all whether or not you should listen to it is ultimately up to you.


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