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What to Listen to Wednesday : Purity Ring

Purity Ring -Shrines

Purity Ring -Shrines

Aah, there is nothing like broadening your horizons. At certain points in time if somebody asked me what my favorite type of music was; I like many of you, would have answered, “anything but country or metal.” Over the years this position  has not only softened in many instances it has downright disappeared. I find songs by Faith Hill and Toby Keith to not only be enjoyable, but even iPod worthy. And as far as metal goes, where would we be without bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath,or Led Zepplin? So yeah if you had asked me a 6 or more years ago how I felt about electronic music I would have said something along the lines of,”Ugh, it does not require a lot of, talent it’s all done on a computer. ” Yeah and what percentage of music isn’t done on a computer these days? I know, it was a truly ridiculous response and a severely limiting one as well, and thankfully I have seen the error of my ways. Now, after discovering bands like Mute Speak, LCD Sound System, The Postal Service, and Purity Ring among others I obviously have cultivated a new-found love for the genre. And now I must admit, that thanks to my tastes at the time I was definitely missing out. So I bring you, Purity Ring!

Purity Ring is a duo of electronica artists from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  “Lofticries” was the first song that I had heard from the two, but the instant you heard it  you are taken on a sullen journey. The music is haunting, minimalistic, and ethereal. The beats are heavily influenced by hip-hop and yet they still manage to keep a toe or two firmly planted in  indielectronica soil. The solemnity of the record adds a steady backdrop to the subtle beats and moody lyrics. Their first album Shrines was released on July 24th of last year, and the group has been making waves on the indie music scene ever since, and their fanbase seems to grow by the day. “How does Shrines sound” you ask, well we’re getting to that, no need to be pushy.

Like many of you I am a huge vocals nerd, so if the singer isn’t either unique or good, than the music might as well be instrumental. With that said, in this department Purity Ring (pardon the pun) truly shines, as Megan’s voice is equal parts sweet and mellow. In a way she is the eye of the digital storm that beat/melody maker Corin Roddick (the other part of Purity Ring) creates. This is especially apparent on the song “Obedear” which glides eerily along  the simple drum machine and synth laden backdrop. The music doesn’t really linger around; each song on the album has about a three-minute run-time, the perfect length, as it doesn’t really allow the listener get bored. The music only lingers in a sense that it will rest atop your subconscious after you hear it, and more than likely shortly afterwards you’ll be humming these songs all day and night.

Purity Ring has produced an exceptional album with Shrines, and these two are definitely deserving of legions of swaying fans. While the duo may not  de-throne the reigning Canadian musician who won’t be named here (hint*that was a Voldemort reference) in terms of album sales; in the talent department, these two have definitely restored my faith in Canada’s ability to produce very talented musicians.

Similar Bands: Grimes , Niva , Holy Other

Favorite Tracks: Obedear, Amenamy, Fineshrine

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