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What to Listen to Wednesday: Todd Farell and The Dirty Birds- Where Fake Cowboys Go to Drink

Todd Farell and The Dirty irds - Where Fake Cowboys Go to Drink

Todd Farell and The Dirty Birds – Where Fake Cowboys Go to Drink

Remember that thing I said about country music a while back ? Yeah, me neither. That’s the thing about crow; the taste tends to give you amnesia of what caused you to eat it in the first place. Sadly, this means as humans we tend to forget mistakes and humility only comes after years and years of oft-repeated erring on the side of stupidity. So, yeah I guess it might be because I have lived in the south for nearly two decades (Californian by birth and attitude) but go figure southern inspired music resonates with me a little bit. I mean, I may know all the lyrics to Sweet home Alabama , big deal! And every now and again I listen to some Johnny Cash (the only person who can almost make Trent Reznor’s music better than Trent Reznor). This should come to no surprise that when I found out an old high school friend was in a band; part of me was excited, and another part of me was skeptical. We all know that independent music is a mixed bag, at points you discover gold, than there are times where you feel like the music was recorded in a tin can stuffed with sponges. I am happy to report that my skepticism was  ill-founded, not only was the music high quality, but it is also well done and pretty darn catchy.

Todd Farrell and the Dirty Birds take cues from southern rock, country, alternative, and surprisingly punk. This eclectic genre mishmash  gives it a stripped down, unconventional, and down to earth sort of sound. The guys display a love for their roots, but still feel like they want to add certain more youthful dynamics to a sound that hasn’t changed much since the days of Lynrd Skynrd. Where Fake Cowboys Go to Drink is a mix of nostalgia and home sickness,  yet it manages to not beat the user down with the negativity, rather it opts for the optimism for the past and  hopes for a better  future. The not so uncommon themes of romance and heartbreak fill out the last half of the album, while the first half deals with missed opportunities and growing up.The focus on lyricism and vocal ability was a good decision, as Todd clearly no stranger to the mic manages to have a great sound of his own that can go from the guttural country twang  to a more familiar and nasally sound,which is oft associated with punk and alternative; sharing only tiny similarities to Ryan Malott of 500 Miles to Memphis.

It’s almost never a bad thing to be surprised by what you hear, unless we are talking about Torsofuck , as there are somethings you can’t just unhear no matter how hard you plunge Q-Tips and saline solution into your ears. Luckily in this case I wasn’t sent running to the nearest  psychologist, rather I actually enjoyed what I heard quite a bit. So, take it from a self from a self-professed audiophile; this is an album that is accessible to everyone . Yeah, so no worries you don’t need Cowboy boots to enjoy this one, Converses will do just fine.

Similar Bands: Blue Mountain, Blood Oranges, Drive By Truckers, 500 Miles to Memphis

Favorite Tracks: All five songs on the EP are pretty awesome, so what are you waiting for ?!?

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