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Music Review Monday: Go Exploring – Adventures

Go Exploring -  Adventures

Go Exploring – Adventures

Go Exploring’s way too aptly titled EP Adventures  does not give off the impression of something done out of necessity. I take that back because those who are driven towards a career in the arts do feel a necessity a drive to create, and if this drive is not satiated like any other urge being denied you are left with a feeling of emptiness. The remarkable thing about Go Exploring is the band only consists of one individual, Matt Scime, who also doubles as the producer. With that said Adventures feels like a passion project or  a labor of love if you will so let’s explore its sound a bit.

Yes, lads and lasses Matt Scime is the alpha and omega in regards to Go Exploring . And his debut EP Adventures is a decent enough listen;the thing is if you have heard any indie pop electronica bands in the last twenty years chances are you have an idea of what to expect, which isn’t a bad thing especially if you find yourself more often than not listening to the genre. For the most part Adventures is an upbeat undertaking so it is pleasant and quirky enough to pull you out from under the shadow of some of your day-to-day issues. Quirky and definitely on the lighter side of things, a soundtrack for parks and day trips; the Spring and the lazy days of summer, can almost be felt under the radiating guitars and warm sound effects. The drum machine give it a distinctly and affably amateur sound, but listening closely enough you definitely don’t get the impression that Matt is a dilettante in the music scene. The vocals are delivered in different shades, and the intensity doesn’t fluctuate, so for the most part Matt’s singing remains cool and unwavering throughout.

The biggest complaint I’d have against Go Exploring is there may not be enough going on to really draw people in, or to truly set itself apart from the many others in the indie electronica scene. The issue is clearly not one in which I can question the talent more so one where the artist should seek to truly set their self apart from their peers.

New age meets tribal folk and computer weirdness;  that is about the best way to look at Go Exploring’s first EP . The album is consciously repetitive, and maintains a complex aesthetic throughout. Overall, Adventures is a decent little gem of an EP; I’m curious as to see which direction the leader will go after this, not much needs to be changed in the way the music is played, rather the focus should be made on the structure and implementing a more wide variety of sounds. Go Exploring took a simplistic approach to music making and created a complex quirky little album that can be enjoyed by most, and only left a tiny bit of room for complaints. So, if you are looking for a temporary soundtrack for the day or just something to rock back and forth to look no further as Adventures is the way to go.

Overall Score: 3/5

Standout Tracks: Friends, Join You, Here

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