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Tuesday Afternoon Tracks: Project Primal

Project Primal

Project Primal

With a loose conglomeration of songs, a pretty cool website, and an obvious love for booty,banjos, and blues;  I’d be lying or a fortune-teller  if I told you I knew what to expect from Project Primal. The duo or trio consist of Natalya Oliver (Vocalist), Jesse Shapiro as the (guitarist /banjoist??), Kevin Buchholz (producer). The band boasts about 6 songs on their website which is  surely only a taste for fans at the moment, with more on the way. Now, you may continue reading to see how Project Primal fares under the lens of review.

1).Watch Me – is a dark, heavy revenge song with a wicked sense of humor; coupled with the nod and wink irony that seems to pervade many of Project Primal’s  songs. The most telling part being the chorus where Natalya lackadaisically repeats the line, ” it feels real good in my soul/ to know that you must suffer/ from the simple fact that you gotta watch me shake my/ aaaaass watch me shake my aaaaass” of course reinforcing the fact that her ex is surely regretting the decision to move on. And to twist the Schadenfreude knife in even further the end of the song contains this lyric, “And yeah/ know it may seem wrong to rub my curves in your face/but it’s better than a knife.”  It’s a simplistic and catchy little song that will undoubtedly infiltrate your day-to-day activities. This catchiness is a hall-mark and a constant in Project Primal’s audio Arsenal. Score: 3.5/5

2). Make it Rain – Takes some tried and true tropes from hip hop, and in a sense takes them back and owns them. Heavy bass coupled with Natalya’s unmistakable croon (Think Rihanna with talent and singing ability) and bawdy attitude; not to mention the humorously dirty lyrics as well. The song’s thick atmosphere almost seems to drip along as the beat pulsates in the back, to put it mildly this one has strip club potential written all over it. It’s sexy, over the top, totally self-aware of it’s intentions, and it works perfectly. Score:  3/5

3). Call it Fallin– What struck me was the initial piano riff is pretty reminiscent of the Eagles I Can’t Tell You Why except with a more  minimalistic twist.  Call it Fallin is more solemn than the other songs  with the focus more on Natalya’s tormented dejected vocals, the sparse piano and the drum machine.  Call it Fallin is the forlorn ballad of the six songs and it put the groups ability to utilize subtlety and quiet to create a mood . Score : 4/5

4). Come to Me – The track almost sounds like the inside of a machine; the simplistic drums, and at points the vocals are almost spoken. The track is reminiscent of an industrial track minus the heaviness and plus a banjo. A decent little track overall . Score: 2.5/5

5). Get Lazy – A pretty,airy nigh acoustic intro that seems to merrily drift along without a care . The  rest of the track  doesn’t bother speeding up, but tiny changes are added once the song starts a steady drum being one of them and additional little touches add to the celestial ambiance. Score: 4/5

6). Send Her Away – If Sublime ever tried their hand at Bollywood I imagine the instrumentation would sound something close to this. With a ska sounding backdrop and the overall bluesy sound; the admixture creates an interesting audio dynamic. Score: 3.5/10

Project Primal is what happens when you combine a punk attitude, with R&B sexiness, pop’s catchiness, and hip hop’s beats and rhythm. They are the culmination of modern music with a bluesy folk twist, and are just weird enough to work. Yes, even those of you who are terrified of banjos (Deliverance) will find a lot to like about Project Primal.

Overall Score: 3.2/5*

Official Website , Bandcamp , Facebook

*this is an average.


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