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What to Listen to Wednesday: The Eggs – Patterns

The Eggs -  Patterns

The Eggs – Patterns

It kinda sucks that the concept of using a classical instrument in a modern band is seen as sort of passe  these days. There is a vast world of instruments out there, and for the most part rock bands use the major four: drums, guitars, keyboards and bass. Don’t get me wrong there are so many amazing things that you can do with those four. But why not throw in a curve-ball somewhere or in this case a violin? That is the philosophy of  the oologically (*study of eggs, google it) named rock group, The Eggs.

These classically trained rockers are based out of Brooklyn; you have Emma Sky on violin, Cynthia Wennstrom on lead vocals, Mike Britt on Bass, Alex Cohen on drums, Laura fisher on vocals, and Roshan Reddy on guitars. The band formed  last year and released their first EP Patterns in October of 2012, you could say they have been making waves on the scene since then (I could have made an egg based pun here using a verb such as ‘scrambling’ or the like, but I didn’t). With influences ranging from Radiohead to Pink Floyd; The Eggs truly embody a unique sound of their own resting somewhere between indie, neo-classical, jazz, and pop. These ladies and gents make exceptional arrangements, and utilize sweeping movements to really pull you into their music.

Based on their unconventional approach to music making it should not come as a shock that they also take a different approach to singing; using dual vocalists instead of one, as Cynthia and Laura are definitely what I’d describe as sirens on the microphone.  Emma and her violin adds a touch of elegance to each of the four tracks on Patterns taking the group out of the category of  “just another indie band” and into truly unique territory. Not to be outdone ; Mike and Roshan really work it out on guitar and bass respectively, and the additional strings add much-needed  textures giving the music a sense of richness and fullness. And who doesn’t appreciate a good drummer? Mike understands his role and you get a  sense there is a recognition on his part that he need not up his intensity or dazzle with complexity, rather he uses the sticks to flesh out the mood of each song.

The Eggs are the perfect storm of great vocals, unique sound, great instrumentation, and a sense of exploration .  There are a whole host of adjectives I could use to explain how The Eggs sound, but why take my word for it? I wouldn’t call the Eggs innovative that’d be too easy; they are renovative, they took older concepts from established genres and put their own unique spin to it. So, go make use of those weird little apparatuses on the  sides of your head, and take in something a little bit different.

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Favorite Tracks: Breathless, Disintegrate , Patterns

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