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Music Review Monday: Sunscript – MesoSIGHT

Sunscript - MesoSIGHT

Sunscript – MesoSIGHT

Hello once again loyal and disloyal readers alike. Welp it’s that time of the week again and quite frankly since I have been out of it for the last two weeks I feel a little neglectful, so here is another tasty morsel of music for you all to chew on, MesoSight  by Sunscript.

Sheel Doshi is the mastermind behind the ambitious project that is Sunscript, and he gets a bit of  help from friends along the way in the form of a plethora of disparate instruments. Violins, pianos, electric guitars, take you down the slightly dusty bluesy folk  back-roads to only run right into some well placed electronica for good measure. It’s an eclectic mix for sure , but why not? Sheel has a voice that congeals well with the music he sings alongside; his vocals are quiet, a bit wispy, and of a higher register. Lyrically, MesoSIGHT seems to revolve around the themes  of alienation, longing, and change throughout the majority of its playtime; of course it’s up to the listener to decode the lyrics  and find their own meanings within.

Guest vocals and acoustic tracks help break up the sometimes minimalistic and sparsely populated songs, breathing  more life into this sometimes somber effort.  With a running time of 25 minutes the album almost feels too short, as it does a great job of slowly drawing you in and subtly bowing out without over-staying its welcome.

MesoSIGHT is an enjoyable slower paced record with plenty of heart  in each of its five tracks and it shows. There’s plenty to enjoy here from the familiar acoustic riffs to the  otherworldly analog synths and layered computer effects. MesoSIGHT  definitely has the feel of the journey inward, and you sense the transition throughout the album, only to arrive in a similar position to where the album started with some minor changes. So, in many ways the album reflects how we sometimes feel like we have made radical changes, only to realize for the most part we are still the same, which is in many ways rather comforting.

Overall Score : 3.25/5

Standout Tracks : Archaic Martian , Abrahamism , Save The Bird

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