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What To Listen to Wednesday : Cinema Novo

Cinema Novo

Cinema Novo

It’s always cool to know that there are movers and shakers within your hometown’s music scene, and not simply those who are  just adhering or appealing to what is trendy.  It tends to be the case that many of the bands that I have the pleasure of interacting with and listening to are either out west or back east (not Atlanta). So needless to say, when Cinema Novo sent me a shout out  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t  a bit more excited than normal to hear what they had to offer. The unfortunate thing is that we all know what hype tends to lead to: disappointment (sigh, Catwoman). Well, before this gets all protracted and overly wordy let me just put this out there; considering that this is  “What To Listen to Wednesday” , all my little Sherlocks out there can surely deduce the outcome of my preliminary excitement.

What do you get when you listen to Cinema Novo, better yet what should you expect?  In retrospect they definitely have that weird rhythmically complex sound one comes to expect from a group like Mutemath or a Radiohead. The most surprising aspect being this is a duo that manages to sound like a full-fledged band coming up with intricate song structure and movements that feel just as epic as something off of an Explosions in the Sky song. I know grand assertion but hearing is believing.  With Christopher on the guitar there are some pretty epic riffs especially on Pandemic, my personal favorite ; the maniacal drumming  of Shawn Moeckly fills out just as much space throughout each song as well. The duo’s self titled debut has been five years in the making and you can hear the work that the group has put into in each of the five songs on the EP.In reality the EP feels like it has about 10 to 15 songs on it as  there is a sense of  loose adherence to any sort of structure and plenty of artistic exploration throughout.

On their Bandcamp Cinema Novo described their songs as such , ” They’re sonic snapshots of rebellion, alchemy, attraction, falling bombs, and propaganda.” And it is odd that even though not a single melody was sung on the record, you still get a sense of discord throughout; this of course being a testament to the groups effectiveness at creating mood and a consistent tone throughout. It takes a lot to make a statement without saying any words, but if you listen to the music you it should resonate with you. Cinema Novo’s self titled debut comes in at just around 18 minutes, and  the only thing that I have left to be desired is hearing  more of their music.

Similar Bands :  Edison Glass, Mutemath , 65daysofstatic

Favorite Tracks :  Revolt, Pandemic , Poppies and Petroleum

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