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What To Listen to Wednesday: Father Figure – Congratulations On Your Loss

Father Figure - Congratulations On Your Loss

Father Figure – Congratulations On Your Loss

It’s kinda  funny the things we hold onto as far as memories go ; one thing that sticks out in my mind from my childhood was my parents’ love of jazz.  There was a radio-station here in Atlanta called 107.5 WJZZ ,and there were many a car ride where we were exposed to the likes of Dave Koz, Kenny G, Chuck Mangione and The Rippingtons at the ripe old ages of  6 and 10. I never recalled disliking the music, even though back then my brother and I’s preference were either V-103 or hot 107.9 ( these were Atlanta’s premier hip hop stations at one point) , there was something in my child mind that just clicked when we listened to jazz.  Whether it’s Bossa Nova ,free form,or acid; its safe to say that  jazz and its many derivatives have a special place in my heart. So, when I discovered Father Figure there was an almost  instantaneous appreciation for what they were doing.

While the band is not exactly what I’d call smooth Jazz, one cannot help but feel that they take many cues from the genre. Saxophones, Wurlitzers (electric piano), Guitars, Drums and Bass; that is all Father Figure needs to create some of the most creative jazz fusion music that I have heard in a long time. However, as some of my more longtime readers are aware this blog is all about rock so you all have to know that  Father Figure can really pelt out a killer tune just as well as a soothing one. Versatility is the word boys and girls, and Father Figure is in no short supply of it.

Congratulations On Your Loss is all about taking its time in getting from point A to B, and truly giving the listener an experience as opposed to merely a song.  “Yearning for Slime” starts off the album at a frenzied pace, as the band explores some of the more Math Rock-ish elements, with weird time signatures and inhuman drumming headlining the track.  And once you finally get to the conclusion that is “Echoing Truth” you aren’t worn out but the track does seem to hint at bringing you back down to Earth .

Don’t let the weird track names fool you, as I am not exaggerating when I say that every song on this album is nearly a 10 in terms of overall awesomeness and complexity. Congratulations On Your Loss is an album that nearly everyone can enjoy, whether you lean heavily towards rock, or if you find yourself obsessing over jazz more often than not; the fact is Father Figure built a pretty sturdy bridge between the two, and supported it with plenty of other elements that will ensure that music lovers in general will be able to appreciate this album, inherent biases or not. So, who would I recommend this album to; simple, anybody that breathes oxygen and lives on planet Earth.

Similar Bands : Lye By  Mistake, Former Animals, This Town Needs Guns, Chimp Spanner

Standout Tracks: Arithmetckle ,Suns, Echoing Truth, Splitting Euphoria

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