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What To Listen To Wednesday: Culprit – Analogue


Culprit – Analogue

Culprit is what happens when Secret and Whisper get a little bit more soul, or when Anthony Green tries his hand at singing like Johnny Craig.  The band’s only release to date is Analogue, and its phenomenal. Yes, normally I’d weigh you down with cute little anecdotes and details of how I came across the album, but if I may, stop reading go listen come back and just agree with me. Based out of L.A this four piece melodic powerhouse have already opened for the likes of Dance Gavin Dance, I the Mighty, and A lot like Birds; clearly they keep pretty good company. So, don’t take my word for it, or do, but I’m sure plenty of others would agree when I say that this is some awesome stuff.

Analogue is in equal measures melodic and uptempo, and there is never a dull moment on the record; as each of the five tracks are played with the same amount of energy. The group has gotten comparisons to the late and great As Tall as Lions, and in not so many words I’d have to disagree; they balance out somewhere in between The Receiving End of Sirens, Circa Survive, and Envy on the Coast, with much more  focus on the ambient portions and giving the music a sense of atmosphere. The instrumentals are pretty tight, but there is definitely an emphasis placed on the guitars which are played skillfully enough. However, the vocals are easily the bands biggest strength, with Zach and Brian trading off on the mic  adding an underused dynamic to modern alternative rock: dueling vocals.

Has enough not already been said? I mean, do you really need a concluding paragraph? Fine, I shall appease you all, since you are clearly here for my writing, and not to discover new amazing music… never mind. So, what have we learned today class? Well, Culprit is pretty awesome and chances are they should be releasing something new pretty soon according to their Facebook page. I didn’t go over that last part but, yes , hopefully we will be hearing some more music from the guys sometime this year maybe even this Summer. So, I have covered all my bases, and I have run out of baseball metaphors. So, be sure to check Culprit out because rarely do I recommend bad music (gotta love my humility) and tell them Shaking Hands with Savages sent ya….. actually on second thought don’t do that.

Similar Bands: Kaddisfly, Harvard, Secret and Whisper, PMtoday

Standout Tracks: Sirens , Decimals and Fractions, Strangers

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