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Tuesday Afternoon Tracks: Chunrun



I know what “run” means, it’s something I try to do  for an hour most days. But, I’m not sure what a “chun” could be outside of the context of Street Fighter, and Chinese women with comically over-sized legs. From what I can tell based on what I’ve heard of the band Chunrun they sadly have nothing to do with the two former definitions. But don’t fret reader they are pretty spiffy in their own right. Taking elements from folk, progressive,  and a little bit of punk rock’s energy; Chunrun truly impress on their most recent singles “Delirious” and “Magnifying Glass.”

These samples will surely keep you  interested to see what the guys have in store for us on their future releases. They share the same type of manic energy as  fellow Bakersfieldian rockers Terra Alive. So check out this trio from and give them some more likes on Facebook, and maybe send them a cake (or dedicate a shrine in your closet to them).

Facebook Soundcloud , Bandcamp

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