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Savage Cinema: Ghost Rider 2 [Review]

Ghost Rider 2

If they just had this image on screen for two hours you’d be more entertained by it, than this flaming pile of celluloid.

Thanks to the invention of the internet there is no longer any guess-work involved when it comes to certain actors/actresses level of talent. What was at one point left up to ticket sales and word of mouth is now left up to well put together YouTube video montages or hilarious clips from said thespians the worst offense’s. “What am I getting at,” is probably what you are wondering by now. Well, the truth is we should all come to grips with is this; Nicholas Cage is not a good actor. With that being said, Ghost Rider 2 is also not a good movie, but these two separate statements should not have been mutually inclusive, that is what is most disappointing about this whole affair.

The film Starred Nicholas cage as the titular character. Idris Elba as Moreau, a heavy drinking scene stealing monk. Violante Placido as Nadya, Firgus Riordan as Danny, Jonny Whitworth as Ray Carrigan, and Cirian Hinds as Roarke.  The plot goes like this Johnny Blaze is hiding out in Eastern Europe when his Ghost Rider form awakens to prevent the devil (Roarke) from taking form in the body of his child (Danny). Along the way he is helped by the child’s mother (Nadya) and a monk (Moreau ) while being chased by the decay itself (Ray). The film was directed by the Neveldine and Taylor. Bravo to my cinema geeks out there who realized that these are two the gentlemen who brought us such gems as Crank 1, 2,and Gamer.

Let’s start with the good. The cinematography is great as you really get the feeling you are in this vast expansive wasteland. The action was okay, but it really did not live up to the expectation, more on that later. The writing was well done as the story felt organic and fleshed out ,with a few minor plot holes here and there, but nothing too ridiculous. The interactions between most of  the characters (except Cage he is an awkward mess whenever on-screen) also felt natural and you begin to really like most of them. The CGI whenever utilized didn’t detract from the scenes it enhanced them, whereas most films make CGI the center stage or the reason to go see the film, not here. Unfortunately, these elements could not really buoy the film above the level of mediocrity it nestled itself in. So here comes the bad.

At this point you are going to end up sounding like a cop at the scene of an accident as you’re probably asking, “So what happened?” Here is the gist of it the pacing of the action really held the film back, with a run time of 95 minutes the film felt like it really lagged at points especially toward the middle of the film *SPOILER ALERT *when Johnny attempts to exorcise the demon spirit inside of him *SPOILER ALERT OVER*. The film hits some serious rough patches throughout and it’s not simply a result of pacing; the film itself suffers from overzealous acting on the part of Nicholas Cage. At points it feels like he is just not taking the role seriously enough, which disengages the audience from a character who should otherwise be incredibly dark, unforgiving, and intriguing. The action is decent enough, but those  of you expecting  incredible hyper kinetic over the top action will be out in the cold as it would seem the Neveldine/Taylor brand of insanity is what is really missing from this affair.

The film tried too hard to take the grind-house “so bad its good” route, and it failed in that department. At points it felt like the directors couldn’t nail down whether they wanted balls to the wall action or action/horror or comedy, in other words the film felt directionless and ended up being more of a mockery of its source material. To be honest the most disappointing aspect is; this film had so much talent and potential, but it ultimately was held back by itself. Ghost Rider 2 is structurally identical to Terminator 2. In fact if you replaced robots with demons I think you would get a really good idea of how the film works. And when I say this I mean that it’s one big chase movie with a kid, and a big fight  with the lead baddie at the end: T2 in a nutshell. The only difference being Terminator 2 is one of the greatest action movies ever made, and Ghost Rider 2 will only gain infamy as one of the films that led to the demise of Nic Cage’s Career.

Overall Score: 1.5 /5

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