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What to Listen to Wednesday: Rainbows & Trying

Rainbows – Boars Win

I had the pleasure of reviewing and interviewing a little band out of Seattle a few years ago by the name of X Ray Press. They were unlike anything I had heard at the time; combining elements of math rock and mathcore with digital /computer effects to craft a sound that was nothing short of robotic: it was pretty rad. The album in question is entitled UVB-76 check it out if you have a chance. And now a few years in my back pocket and one of the founding members of the group Paurl Walsh has not one but two side projects he is working on; Rainbows is one of them,  and Trying is the other.

Trying – Patience Music

The one thing both groups share in common aside from Paurl is that they both incorporate a similar aesthetic to their father project (X-Ray Press). Of the two groups Rainbows is the more accessible. Taking cues from krautrock and synth pop the groups creates energetic and engaging loops with sometimes unintelligible lyrics. The vocals are pretty on point and the drums are insane; plus you gotta love the synth.

The other musical project is interesting, but could use a bit of the character that the former had. Trying is far more minimalistic; with no vocals to speak of and heavy use of repetition throughout. It feels more experimental than Rainbows, yet the same richness in sound that Rainbows possessed seems absent here. The impression I get from Trying is that the goal is instrumental in a sense, its less about the music made and more about the journey it took to make the music.

I enjoyed both efforts through and through , with my favorite being Rainbows. Boars Win by Rainbows is a charming and well put together record that is constantly treading upon eccentricity. Patience Music by Trying is an album that defies explanation and requires multiple listens to truly appreciate the uniqueness contained within the record. Two good albums; why, whatever  is one to do? My recommendation,  listen to both of them.

Rainbows Standout tracks: Summer Eyes,Hungry Hungry Hemoglobin , KeepSpeek
Trying’s Standout tracks:PM LIM STDY 02 – Telepathic Vice Squad, PM DUR STDY 01 – FFFrest I

Rainbows:Bandcamp, Facebook
Trying: Bandcamp, Facebook

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