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What to Listen to Wednesday: Dear Mister Manager- Siegfried Vs. The Giant

Dear Mister Manager

Dear Mister Manager

Ladies and gents when I tell you I’m excited about a band please take heed. Now since this is “What to Listen to Wednesday” we have bypassed the stage where there is a mystery of  whether or not a band is good, and the only thing you should do as a reader is just go out and  buy or listen to what I have suggested. I know that sounds incredibly domineering and dictatorial but this is for your own good…. Dear Mister Manager is easily one of the best bands that I have heard, ever. The period at the end of that last sentence is not an asterisk nor is it in anyway meant to make you feel like there should be a “but” afterwards; these guys are the real deal.

It’s funny how four guys sound more like twenty and the amount of energy that is present on a six song EP (buy it). Siegfried Vs. the Giant is a mash-up of poppy, technical, and melodic post hardcore; these guys have a totally unique sound. In the vocal department  James can croon with the best and scream with the loudest; however, instead of using his voice as a weapon to punish, he use it as an instrument, adding texture and even in some case a softness to the chaotic instrumentation. I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between James and Casey Crescenzo as they both can do that weird warbly thing with their voice at points. Not to be outdone by the vocals Derrick absolutely demolishes the drums on every song, he doesn’t just keep up the beat he makes the song conform around his drumming. And no I’m not forgetting the guitars, but to be honest I think they are going to steal the show in most people’s eyes anyway; I’d argue that the unit works perfectly together, so to try and say one is better than the other is a disservice to them all.

There are things that I will never understand in this universe like magnets ( how do they work), unicorns, Chick-fil-a biscuits(why are they so good), and echidnas ( Google it when you get home, unless you want your co-workers to think you are into that sort of thing). It looks like, “astonishment to the fact that Dear Mister Manager hasn’t exploded into a multi-platinum band,” is the newest edition to that list. So, let’s erase that injustice from the universe and go like them immediately so more people can hear this unjustifiably awesome music.

Similar Bands: The Dear Hunter, Imagine Dragons, Thrice, Circa Survive, As Tall As Lions, Nico Vega

Standout Tracks: The Id and the Ego, Bad Neighbors,The Big Easy…… just go download the album all the tracks are good!!

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