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Savage Cinema: Stitches [Review]

A clown that doesn't finish a party can never rest in peace

A clown that doesn’t finish a party can never rest in peace

Sometimes there are just things that defy explanation and straight up require you to witness them firsthand. This of course being the case with Stitches. Which is why I will keep this review brief and to the point. Stitches is an 80’s styled slasher, and could really both serve as an actual genre entry and an homage to the era. It is reminiscent of that era’s slashers mainly in that there is very little story, and most of the entertainment revolves around the body-count. But for those interested Stitches follows the story of a Bad Santa-ish type clown, who end up suffering a pretty horrid fate via an accident at a local 10-year-old boy’s birthday celebration. Fast forward 6 years and Stitches resurrects just in time via some strange magic clown egg cult and voila–of course this event transpires around the boy’s seventeenth birthday– so basically stuff going down, and the walls will be painted a deep shade of crimson.

As a slasher film Stitches holds up decently enough to warrant a viewing or two. The actors are all serviceable enough and the story works in a very Hatchet, Friday the 13th , and Halloween sort of sense; essentially, there is enough back-story to warrant the action taking place on-screen, nothing ridiculous like aliens  or demons are going to come out of left field to ruin the flick which is good for consistency’s sake.  There may be some who complain about the flick’s lack of scares, but in all due honesty it was never intended to  be scary; it’s a straight-faced horror comedy, so don’t expect wacky or you’ll be disappointed. Think Killer Klowns from Outer Space, but only in a tonal sense; the premise was ridiculous, but the film took its subject matter seriously, all the while maintaining a goofy plot with odd shenanigans. It’s an interesting balancing act to be sure as for the most part the humor is dark, deadpan, and gallows. The effects were gruesome to say the least. I won’t spoil them for you but let’s just say that Stitches displays some of the most unique and gruesome kills this side of Hatchet or Laid to Rest. And fret not genre purist ,because for the most part conventional f/x are used throughout.

The film is of course not without flaws. The cat scene was a bit much for me. The “action” or character interactions that took place between kills, was pretty damn boring and forgettable. Most of the leads were obnoxious, so death didn’t feel like much of a loss when it occurred. And the magic part of the story is either going to be explained in subsequent movies or will remain mysterious in which case that would be a cop-out.

The things that work for Stitches will ultimately turn it into a “camp” film; some will hate the story others will love it. The violence might be too much for some and others will cheer it on. Essentially, Stitches is a divisive film that I found entertaining enough to watch once, but subsequent viewings won’t be necessary. Overall it’s a decent little bubblegum rental, and I would definitely watch the sequel.

Overall Score: 2.75/5

  • worth a rental

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