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Music Review Monday: Marty Mckay – Sin’s Disciple

marty mckay sin's Disciple

Marty McKay – Sin’s Disciple

Based around the concept of the “Seven Deadly Sins,” we have Marty Mckay’s début album Sin’s Disciple. He’s definitely what one would call a unicorn or even a gryphon in that there are probably as many rappers from Switzerland as there are….well, my analogy randomizer is broken so just consider Swiss rappers a rare thing, fair enough?

Sin’s Disciple is ambitious  undertaking in that there is an accompanying graphic novel that is supposed to help with understanding the album; thus it ends up being a multimedia experience. So, let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty as they say, McKay is clearly a hard-working artist and doesn’t simply limit himself to one medium of story telling, but in this case I can’t get behind this album. McKay’s flow feels unnecessarily forced it’s almost like an unintentional throwback to 80’s rap and not in a good way, and to point out the obvious the Mckay raps in English, and to his credit there aren’t any lost in translation issues, misuse of words, or anything in the way of language barrier that affects the delivery of the rhymes; sadly the fact remains that the music is generally forgettable. The beats are very techno-inspired for the most part, with a few songs that take on a more rock-like dimension.

In a sense there is a nostalgia factor that many listeners will be able to get behind as this could easily be something someone would play at a pre-2000s rave, but once the novelty fades there’s little incentive to replay the album multiple times. The production is okay, but there were points on the album where the music would over power Mckay’s rapping and as a rap fan that is a big no-no.

There were a handful of tracks that I didn’t dislike,  specifically “Who Can You Trust,” which is definitely Link Park-ish with heavy industrial influences thrown in to give the track a  harder edge. The tracks “Givin’Up” and “The Aftermath” were  decent it was wise to close the album out on these two songs as sonically speaking they were the best sounding songs.

Sin’s Disciple is a début album, so there’s still hope for McKay. The album’s biggest enemies are in delivery and production departments. A good or bad beat can make or break a song, and nine times out of ten the beats on this album were anemic and far too techno-y, they almost took on the characteristic of video game background music. The lyrics and the flow could also use some cleaning up Mckay bothered to craft a world around this narrative/concept and yet he delivered it like a glass sculpture, there was no feeling behind his story telling it felt emotionless and flat.

The best thing the album has going for it is the thoughtful narrative behind the album it is an interesting idea  for an  artist to tackle and due praise should be given for this fact. Marty McKay’s debut album leaves a lot to be desired, but in an optimistic way, he also left himself with plenty of stuff to improve upon for his next outing. As it stands, Sin’s Disciple came off more like Folkway’s Transgressor.

Overall Score: 2.5/5
Favorite Tracks: Who Can You Trust, Givin’ Up, The Aftermath

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