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Indie Cinema Spotlight: Black Spot

Black Spot – 2D version from Faster Productions on Vimeo.

Any regular viewers of this blog know that I have a thing for genre cinema, specifically horror. Given the current landscape of Hollywood horror films, it’s best to look for original horror content in places outside of  mainstream media outlets. Which explains why I placed Luther Bhogal-Jones’ horror short  Black Spot  at the top of this large congregation of seemingly interconnected words .

Black Spot is something of a callback to the grim,gritty horror exploitation flicks of the 1970’s, and is something of a kindred spirit to films like The Devil’s Rejects , The Hamiltons , or even The Hills Have Eyes. The action mostly takes place on a desolate highway where–as one might expect– death and mayhem are sure to occur. A word to future film protagonists out there, satellite phones, invest in one.

Without revealing too much info regarding the short, Paul car stalls out on an un-populated stretch of road so he has to hoof it in order to find a way to get his car fixed. Along his journey he stumbles upon a horrific scene, and now Paul must decide what to do if he is going to survive this predicament he has found himself in.

Considering the film cost a little less than $400.00 to shoot, there is something rather striking about the film. It seems to set the stage for a larger cinematic universe wherein these characters will undoubtedly become more fleshed out. The performances were decent especially considering the  intentional and conspicuous lack of dialog. The actors managed to convey their intentions through body language and facial expressions.

The film was oddly reminiscent of a nature documentary,specifically in its suggestion of the interactions between predator and prey. The short also calls for the audience to pay attention as there is quite a bit of foreshadowing utilized. The film’s score, the camera work, and the performances were all solid though at times the villains’ portrayal seemed a bit on the campy side.

There are definitely far less enjoyable things you could do with six minutes of your life; so, it should go without saying if you are fans of micro budgeted horror shorts, indie cinema, or you have six minutes to kill you should check out Black Spot. The short may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those looking for something with a great deal of heart and plenty of potential  look no further than this horror short

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