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Emarosa’s ‘Mad’ Will Remind Listeners Why The Band Is Still Awesome Sans Jonny Craig

Emarosa - Mad

It’s hard losing a talented vocalist. For instance look at Tides of Man, granted, Young and Courageous is an awesome album;  however, the vacuum that Tillian left behind once he joined Dance Gavin Dance is pretty noticeable. So what happens when somebody like, let’s say, Jonny Craig  has to leave your band? In most cases you call it a day and say things like, ” We are all going in different directions creatively,” or  my favorite, ” We are going on Hiatus.”

These excuses translated from “bandspeak” amount to this, “You will probably never see us in the same room together again, and you can forget about another album.” The reason behind this fact is simple, somebody like Craig is hard to replace. Say what you will about the troubled frontman, but he has a legitimately powerful voice. Which of course makes him stand out  in a scene dominated by high-pitched singers, and the band became more noteworthy  in a lot of ways due to Craig presence. However, due to some legal issues, drug issues,  and re-joining then quitting  Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig was kicked out of Emarosa for good.

But instead of  leaving fans out to dry and moving onto their own separate projects, Emarosa adapted to this change rather swimmingly. They added  Bradley Walden to their line-up (formerly of the underrated band The Squid and The Whale) and didn’t miss a step. Now their new single ” Mad” is out, and they haven’t sounded this good since Relativity.

The addition of Walden is an interesting move as the  band was once quoted saying that, “We’re not looking for Jonny Craig 2.0. We just want to find someone who can bring something unique to the band.”  Given the previous statement,  it’s kind of hard not to draw comparisons between the two singers as they both have that soulful croon that tends to drive fans wild.  It will be interesting to see how Walden handles his new role on the band’s upcoming LP.

 This is their first single off of their new album Versus which is to be released possibly as early as this June. Emarosa is currently on tour with Chiodos for the Devil’s Dance Tour , which concludes sometime in May. Be sure to check out “Mad” below .


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