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Tracks for Thursday: Visitors-Ages


Visitors Ages


Musicians end up giving the best recommendations; there are far too many bands that I listen to now who I would have never heard of had it not been for a “Tweet” or a Facebook shout-out. Case and point, I hadn’t heard of  the band Visitors before yesterday, but  after stumbling upon a Facebook post from A Lot Like Birds I decided to check them out.

After listening to their new single “Ages,”  Visitors I was instantly hooked to the group’s signature moody sound. Visitors plays a bit like cross between Flood of Red and older Secret and Whisper– minus the obscenely stratospheric vocals of either aforementioned band–while still retaining their own signature elements. Their sound puts them into a unique category of bands that don’t subscribe to the metalcore/post-hardcore formula that many bands utilize these days.

“Ages” is a heavy brooding track with grunge inspired guitar playing; it  manages to eschew the typical noisy trappings of the genre as there is quite a bit of melody as well as some adherence to structure. The song gets a bit more cathartic towards the end as the song crescendos and fades out thereafter. The drumming is tight and complex; the drum pace changes frequently, but still keeps the song centered without veering off into mathcore-like territory.

So of course check Visitors out at the link below, and their EP Blueshift will be available May 20th.

For Fans Of: Thrice, Culprit, Secret and Whisper, Flood of Red, Balance and Composure.

Official Website, FacebookBandcamp

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