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What to Listen to Wednesday: Prismatic Mantis-Swords of Truth

prismatic mantis

There’s nothing quite as odd and pristine as a praying mantis, or as I like to refer to them “mother nature’s Kung-Fu master/expert swordsman.” It’s great that they aren’t any bigger than they already are or we’d be on the menu. The band Prismatic Mantis doesn’t pose quite the same threat to us as their brothers and sisters in spirit, but the essence of the aforementioned insect’s pristine weirdness is.

Prismatic Mantis dropped their latest album Swords of Truth this past June and it is a pretty extraordinary listen. They get a lot of comparisons to Father Figure, but Prismatic isn’t quite as math(y) as Father Figure, and Father Figure isn’t as electronica based as Prismatic Mantis.  Swords of Truth is a journey through so many different types of sounds that classification becomes equal parts trivial and arbitrary(put it on turn it up and do whatever comes naturally after that).

The album is absolutely buzzing positive energy, intoxicating the listeners with technical precision that is surrounded by an aura of what can only be described as an eastern mystic stopping in at a speakeasy. The group somehow balance create this celestial atmosphere via excellent instrumentation and computer generated magic or something else outside of my realm of understanding.  There is an air of playfulness to this sonic proceeding as well as improvisation and experimentation, but not the type that will drive casual listeners away, rather the type that will engage casual jazz lovers and the free ranged beatniks alike.

This is the album that Flying Lotus would make if he decided to make a weird post-jazz album, which is a dream come true for many of you, and at least a week or so worth of listens for everyone else. Dabble in something a little different and give your ear taste buds a sip of  some auditory Kombucha.

Check out Prismatic Mantis’ Swords of Truth below, and if you like it enough go buy it .


One comment on “What to Listen to Wednesday: Prismatic Mantis-Swords of Truth

  1. hafacenturyncounting
    July 8, 2014

    When new and interesting enters your life, their affects are always well notated.

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