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‘Descensus’ Teaser Released

Like the pyramid on the album cover, Circa Survive has reduced any sort of preconceived notion that I had about their forthcoming album to complete and utter rubble, and that’s what I love about them. When their album was announced, this past Spring, I pretty much assumed it would be a continuation of the sound that they cultivated on Violent Waves which was to me a more pronounced and mature On Letting Go. Of course I was excited, hell, Anthony and Colin could read the ingredients off of a box cereal and most fans (myself included) would give it a listen. Simply put, this teaser has blown me away. The mood is all over the place; you can hear how each album that preceded this one has influenced it in some meaningful way.

“Schema” starts the album off with an incredible amount of energy, and it concludes on a subdued note with the title track “Descensus.”  The album comes out next week so it’s tough to say where the songs start and finish as these are snippets of what to expect. It’s too early to say whether this album is Circa experimenting or progressing with their sound, but my bet is on the former only because Violent Waves felt more prog-inspired, and it didn’t genre hop too much, whereas on Descensus there appear to be instances where the band toys around within electronica, shoegaze,progressive, and even post-hardcore.

Based on what I’ve heard so far it’s hard to imagine Descensus being a disappointment in any shape or form. The group appears to have really poured themselves into each  track on the album; my personal favorites are “Sovereign Circles” and “Quiet Down.” This could either be a game changer or simply another great Circa Survive album to add to the collection, either way I can’t see the boys putting out anything that won’t be able to satiate fans until the release of their next album.


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