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[Music Review Monday] Expeditions: Pomelo Tongue

Expeditions -  Pomelo Tongue

Who the hell are these guys, and how did they get so good without me finding out about them first? This is one of the strongest début EP’s that I have ever heard, and I say that as a person who takes his music very seriously (the EP is free download it, and tell me I’m wrong). The hell with the grains of salt, that is an assertion that can be taken at face value; just know that, you will become a fan if you give these guys a chance.

There are only six songs on this EP, and somehow the album’s length manages to contain the essential elements of the music without feeling too short.  Expeditions’ Pomelo Tongue feels like a more upbeat incarnation of Closure in Moscow, or a slower more deliberate version of The Fall of Troy.  Tracks two through five, or the body of Pomelo Tongue houses most of the harder hitting and technically impressive songs.

The instrumentation has the heavy suggestion of math rock, but here–as opposed to the many math rock and mathcore bands I’ve listened to– the playing  feels more nuanced and methodical. There is plenty of room in modern music for insanity, but it’s refreshing to see a band that doesn’t go strictly for technicality without a sense of organization or melody.

In many ways the playing here feels very in line with what one might heat from a band like This town needs guns but with more gusto.  There are tempo changes aplenty, and the chord progressions are tempered by the maturity of a band that understands its sound and experiments within the limits of their musicianship. Like a good deal of their peers you can expect 4/4 time signatures to be replaced by 7/8,ll/8 and so on; so it goes without saying you will here some insane drumming and strumming. The vocals tend to vary track by track, and they range from lively and expressionistic to urgent and cathartic.

The tracks that will melt your face include: “Wax Teeth,” “Pursed Lips,” and “Pomelo Tongue.”  Of course this is not to say that the rest of the tracks are bad, far from it.  The spotlight  is just a bit brighter on these three songs, and to state the obvious, that means a lot on an EP that is as strong as this one.

If Expeditions  isn’t on your musical radar than this type of music probably doesn’t appeal to you in a general sense. They have everything you could hope to hear from a relatively new band. You can feel the passion and ambition in their music, which will hopefully never go away, but most surprisingly there is still a sense of restraint. We may have not seen the best this group has to offer yet, and to me this fact alone should have music fans salivating over what these guys have planned in the future.

Overall Score: 4.5/5
Favorite Tracks: Pomelo Tongue, Wax Teeth, and Purse Lips
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