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Residual Self Image…


Well, we all know how this turns out.

This is primarily a satirical blog.One part stream of conscious rants and raves of a  know it all 20 something , the other part is the space in between growing as a person and learning  something new. I don’t profess to know everything but hey why not give it a shot? In my view we are a bunch of sentient plants, but not only is water our water , so is knowledge; it is how we grow and become something truly beautiful and inspiring .This is also the place where I meander on topics that interests me and hopefully you. I am by no means an expert in any given field , but I am a student of the world and all disciplines. With that said I will never address a topic half-baked as every subject is due the same respect of proper research. Just don’t expect deadpan C-span type happenings or you will be disappointed. This is an edutainment/entercation (I made this one up) blog, and just as everything is due the same respect, you can find humor in all walks of life. So, there you have it that is what Shaking Hands with Savages is all about.  Music, Art, Film, Life and everything in between.


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