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Tuesday Afternoon Tracks: Modern Chemistry

 Modern Chemistry - We'll Grow Out of This

Modern Chemistry – We’ll Grow Out of This

Modern Chemistry is a cool little band  from New Brunswick  and by the look of things you could say they are developing a bit of a following. Which is all in due parts thanks to their approach to music making; they employ poppy hooks, soaring melodies, great vocals, accessible song structures, and adept musicianship, and in doing this they crafted a sound that emo devotees, pop-punk lovers ,and post hardcore fans alike will be able to appreciate. Their sound falls somewhere between Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Park. And did I mention that they all sing, yes, all four members tag in and out at random times throughout the course of the six tracks on their latest EP entitled We’ll Grow Out of This; the use of multiple vocalists is nothing new but when executed correctly is always impressive. helps crescendo each track and ratchets up the intensity of each song even more.  We’ll Grow Out of This is a nice throwback to early 2000 alt-rock  that grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go. And in this humble writer’s opinion Modern Chemistry have tapped into a formula that works well for them (I had to throw in a science pun somewhere). So, for our sake and everyone else’s let’s hope they don’t grow out of this anytime soon.

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